You. Are. Enough.

Holy sh** you guys. We are so enough it’s not even funny! Even on our worst days, we are more than enough. (And yes, I am talking to you).

Self love is the most important love. If you do not love yourself, how on earth are you going to give your heart to someone else? How are you going to be able to receive genuine love?

You are alive, you are the only YOU in this world and you have a divine purpose. We are unlimited. We are capable of so much more than we will allow ourselves to see, it’s unbelievable.

I can name 3 instances where I was told I wasn’t good enough. I remember those moments so clearly, all of which took place when I was in a dark mental state. It’s a very scary place to be in when you carry self doubt on your shoulders, when you are nervous about doing or saying something wrong, when you feel like your best is never enough. I am finally at a positive place where I can look back and say “I was enough” I can confidently say today “I am enough” and I can move forward knowing I will always be enough.

I don’t remember the last time that I said “I can’t”…because I CAN, maybe not today, or tomorrow, but with time and patience and self love, I CAN and I WILL. (And so can you!)

Put your hand on your heart. You feel that? That’s purpose.

Work hard, strive to be the best you, inside and out, but never doubt your beating heart. You matter, always.

Until next time on Kelsey’s Chronicles.

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