The Daniel Fast

Follow along with my journey on the Daniel’s Fast.

21 Days of Fasting with a Purpose and Strengthening my Relationship with the Lord.

Hi, I’m Kelsey. I am a believer, wife, mom of an incredible little boy named Ryker, daughter and friend. I gave my life to christ in January of 2020 and He has truly transformed my heart and given me so much strength during an incredibly difficult and uncertain season of life.

God has put fasting on my heart for a while now and it has either never felt like the right “time” or my intentions weren’t in the right place. I am fully invested into digging deeper into God’s word and building my relationship with Him, while spending intentional time in prayer for loved ones and areas of my life where I really want to see God move.

Follow along with my journey of the 21 day Daniel’s Fast – What It’s About? What I am Excited and Nervous About? My Spiritual Transformation and more!

What is the Daniel Fast and Why am I doing it.

What? By definition, the Daniel Fast requires eliminating commonly enjoyed foods for 21 days as an act of worship and drawing yourself closer to God. The prophet Daniel chose to undergo a partial fast when he sought the Lord and his fasting experiences form the basis of the Daniel Fast. It is an opportunity to…

Daniel Fast Day 1

Sunday, September 6th, 2020 I started my Daniel Fast. The Preparation I have been mentally physically and spiritually preparing for this fast for a while now. I have prayed over this fast for guidance, clarity and strength as I take on the next transformational 21 days of being in Gods word and becoming closer to…

Daniel Fast – Week 1

Week 1 is done and I honestly can’t believe how fast that went. Physically, I feel great. My body is definitely thanking me for the wholesome, nutritious foods I have been feeding it! Mentally, I struggled this week. The first few days were great, but I would be lying if I said that the rest…

Daniel Fast – Week 2

Week 2 went a little different than week 1… Spiritually I felt better then I ever have, closer to God and deeper in my faith. I have spent more intentional time in the Word and in prayer and worship than I ever have. It’s transforming my heart and the way I live my life and…

21 days later.

Before I started the Daniel Fast I prepared, I laid out my areas of focus, how I longed to deepen my faith with the Lord, especially during this difficult and uncertain season of my life, and I slowly started changing my diet, so it wasn’t a shock to my system on Day 1. I can…

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