Your health matters.

I want to be healthy. I want my family to be healthy. I want the world to be healthier. I want to feel good. I want to be able to play sports with my kids, to be sick less and live a long, full life. I want this for me, I want this for my family and I want this for you.

I came from a background of incredibly unhealthy relationships with food. Eating the wrong things, eating too little, overanalyzing, and under nourishing my body for years. 

It wasn’t until I truly started becoming conscious of the food I was putting into my body, reading labels for ingredients and refusing to settle for processed garbage as my sustainable sources, that my body started to thrive, I felt energized and satisfied. 

This didn’t happen overnight. It took constant effort to make the better choice, knowing full and well my body would thank me later. My taste and cravings changed and It truly became second nature to choose whole foods, a nice juicy apple and peanut butter over the sugary bar that promises to be low in calories, but full of .…you know what.

Rule of thumb…if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, probably shouldn’t eat it. 

It’s not always easy, and I absolutely treat myself once in a while, but I am rooted in the things that I know will help my mind and body thrive as I take on chasing after a tiny human and do all of the other things life demands. 

Small changes overtime can make the world of a difference.

  • Increase daily water intake, fun water bottles can help!
  • Drop the cookie, pick up a piece of fruit instead.
  • Take a walk, get your blood pumping.
  • Sleep more.
  • Stress less – maybe pick up yoga, meditation, something to decompress.
  • EAT YOUR FRUITS & VEGGIES – Don’t want to eat them? What if you could take your total recommended daily value of fruits, veggies and berries in a super convenient capsule? 
    • Did you know only 32.5% of the population eat enough fruits and only 26.6% eat enough veggies…
    • This could be the easiest way towards a healthier lifestyle and ultimately a healthier you!

Me and my fam are all over the fruits and veggies train! Let me know if you want in too, I would love nothing more than to help you!

Until Next Time on Kelsey’s Chronicles

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