21 days later.

Before I started the Daniel Fast I prepared, I laid out my areas of focus, how I longed to deepen my faith with the Lord, especially during this difficult and uncertain season of my life, and I slowly started changing my diet, so it wasn’t a shock to my system on Day 1.

I can say with confidence, that I gave this fast everything I had. I laid my worries, doubts and fears on the table, I was open to receiving what God wanted to place on my heart, I was willing to get uncomfortable and face things that I know needed changing, I was committed to being fervent in prayer, devotion, worship and praise.

I wanted more, I wanted God to know that even in the darkness and uncertainty, that I trusted Him, that everything that had been placed in my life had been for a reason and it was all working for the greater good, and I truly believe that.

I spent more intentional time with my Lord and Savior than I ever had in my entire life….and it changed my life. It changed the way I look at situations that used to send me in a downward spiral of “what if’s” and worry, it made me face my deepest insecurities and release control over things I once thought would be apart of me, forever. It transformed my heart and gave me a peace that is beyond understanding…and for that I am so unbelievably grateful.

As for the diet itself, my appreciation for the things I once took for granted grew tenfold – coffee, chocolate, bread, eggs, taking bites of my sons food so it doesn’t go to waste. However, I didn’t jump back into my old way of eating because I truly loved the way my body felt on the fast with wholesome foods and none of the garbage.

I have decided to continue fueling my body with the foods that I know will make me feel good – whole fruits and veggies, minimal to no processed foods, natural sugars only, limited caffeine, with the addition of eggs and fish here and there.

It’s not for everyone, but I truly have always enjoyed a very simple, minimal diet.

Physically, I definitely lost body fat which was not an intention, nor a focus and something that I am sure will balance out in the next couple of weeks as I am adding in different foods.

I 10/10 recommend the Daniel Fast to anyone looking for a spiritual transformation, to deepen their relationship with Christ, to spend more time in the Word and to feel better overall.

Thanks for following along on my Daniel Fast journey friends!

Until Next Time on Kelsey’s Chronicles.

2 thoughts on “21 days later.

  1. I have always loved fasting. It restores me and I learn things all over again that I never knew. It has been awhile since I fasted. I need to get back into doing it more often.

    Blessings to You!


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