A little bit about me.

My name is Kelsey Hankins and I am 26 years old from Sunny South Florida.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, best friend and incredible life partner, Branden (will you look at how handsome he is?!). Ladies, never settle for less than you deserve, your prince charming is out there, I promise you.

The love of my love 11.11.17
My Love

We are expecting our first child in February and we are over the moon excited for HIS arrival. More to come on this wild pregnancy journey!

I am passionate about all things health and fitness. I was a two (technically three) sport college athlete; soccer (my first love), track and cross country. I think addicted to working out is understatement…I live for it. Always aiming to be the healthiest, fittest version of myself everyday.

Over the years I have learned the importance of Self-Love and how crucial it is for your well-being. Having experienced years of not loving myself, I can truly say I am proud of the woman I am today, inside and out. (So much more to come on Self-Love, stay tuned)

Family. My family is everything to me and they fill my life with so much purpose.

My faith gets me through the tough days and paves the path for the really good days. I firmly believe everything in life happens for a divine reason handcrafted by the big man upstairs. God is good, all of the time.

I am a full-time Social Media Manager for a national fast casual chain and I can honestly say that I love what I do and the people that I work with.

I love country music, any activity out in the sun, shopping, romantic movies, my two sweet fur babies, dark chocolate and of course this, writing – sharing my thoughts, dreams, fears and experiences, it fuels my soul.

Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but we take a deep breath and keep on keepin’ on. I share my real life experiences, the good, bad and everything in between. I would love for you to join me on this journey and hopefully I can add some value to some of the above areas you may too, connect with.

It’s nice to meet you.

Until next time on Kelsey’s Chronicles.

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