What Is Love?

You know when you are little and you learned something new or discovered something for the very first time….wether it was blowing bubbles, tying your big girl shoes, reaching the other couch as you escape the imaginary lava below, or realizing what cute face makes your parents give you that extra scoop of ice cream…in that moment, life is perfect.

That’s what love is to me. It’s new, it’s exciting, I’m learning and living a life that feels so full, love makes my heart forever young.

Love it patient, love is kind.

Love is so unbelievably powerful. Love can completely change you, your situation, your outlook on life, everything. Love has no limitations, it just is and it’s absolutely beautiful. Love can hurt too, love can take from you and love can destroy you…but we let it. Because to love, to truly be in love is to surrender yourself, to open yourself up completely, you give love your entire being, as if you had an option. Love assures you you have no control. When life is good, love is great, love is radiant, love is bountiful. You share that love when you are happy, you spread love and kindness and it is contagious. When life is difficult, when you are sad and hurting, love, true love, is overwhelming, love shows you remorse, love nurtures and builds you back up, love gives you strength to keep pushing forward. When the one you love is hurting, you experience that pain, you share in the sadness, you feel the heartache. Love is an uncontrollable, limitless, divine connection between two souls that one can not survive without. Love doesn’t always have the answer, but love IS the root of the answer. Start with love and build forever.


Let the things you love in and let them destroy you, let them tear down your walls, let them expose your strengths, your weaknesses, your deepest fears…and let it build you back up, piece by piece, stronger than you were before. Love and passion, that’s the answer, let what you love in, let what fuels you in, surrender to it pour your heart and soul into it and watch your life completely unfold. There is no perfect answer or solution, there is just raw, untamed, heart wrenching passion…and that’s everything.

I’m chasing my passion. Full speed, focus and determination. There is no finish line, it’s a journey that’s keeps on going, I’m prepared for a long road ahead. I’m so eager to learn, to grow, to change, to love, to laugh, to cry, to win, to lose, I’m ready and I’m open to all that is ahead. I’m not afraid of failure and I am not afraid of disappointment, because I think when you truly love something, when you are so invested, you never really fail, you discover what doesn’t work, you build on what is lacking and you keep pushing forward. You aren’t disappointed because your work ethic never wavers, you have faith that with consistency, good things will come. You are never complacent, but always hungry for more. I don’t think anything worth fighting for is easy, nor should it be, it should be extremely difficult, it should challenge you mentally and physically, there should be more downs than ups and many lessons learned, but at the root of all of it, is love, and love is the most powerful force. Love gets you through, love keeps the journey going.

What does love mean to you?

Until next time on Kelsey’s Chronicles.

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