2020 is Not what you expected.

I think we can all admit that the last few months have been well, unexpected.

No one expected a global pandemic that would force us to hibernate in our homes for the unforeseeable future. No one expected to have to homeschool their children while trying to maintain their own jobs. No one expected to be laid off their jobs. No one expected to have their summer trips cancelled. No one expected to have their plans placed on hold.

Needless to say, nothing is as we thought.

What if I were to tell you that God has placed these difficult circumstances in your life, wrecked your plans and made you wait…because he has something BETTER in store for you?

Would you believe me?

It takes no faith to say this sucks, that sucks, everything sucks. Maybe when this is over I will finally be happy, maybe when things go back to “normal” I can do what I want to do. It doesn’t take faith to stand still and sulk.

It takes great faith to keep moving even when things look impossible, when times are hard and questionable and you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. It takes faith and BELIEF that ALL OF THIS, every heartache, every cancelled plan, every changed direction, every tear…is all part of God’s divine plan for your life.

So my challenge to you, and myself is this, EVEN THOUGH life feels uncertain – you don’t know when you will be able to reschedule those plans, when your kids will go back to school, when you will find another job, when you will be able to get together with friends and family – even though you are in a difficult season…will you thank Him anyway? Will you thank Him for preparing your heart for something greater? For growing your faith in the hard season so you can truly celebrate when you see Him reveal what he has been working on? Will you celebrate in the darkness because you know He is the light? Will you?

Sometimes we have to let go of everything we thought was good for us, what was meant for us, what we had planned and release that control to the one who already knows it all and trust that his plan is far greater than what we thought it would be.

We have to stop focusing our thoughts on the things that we can’t control and start shifting them to the things we can. Your mood speaks volumes, your body language, your ability to take a difficult situation and choose to find the good.

I say that like it’s easy, right?

Well…it’s not.

But as the saying goes, or the shortened version, “nothing worth doing is easy, but it’s worth it”

Choose the hard thing. Choose the thing that will help you grow. Choose the thing that you may not see right away, but you feel in your heart. Choose faith.

Little things each day can make the world of a difference. It is a shift in mindset, a choice to focus on the good, to have faith in the darkness. Instead of waking up and grabbing your phone right way, try just simply thanking God for waking you up to see another day, for a warm bed to sleep in, for breath in your lungs for the beating of your heart – thank you Jesus for this life! Set the tone for the rest of your day with a grateful thought upon waking up and it just might change the trajectory of your entire day. What do you have to lose?

So even though 2020 is not what you or anyone else expected…God’s plan is probably not what you expected either.

*I want to thank Elevation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick for their ministry and sharing the Word of God in a way that has completely rejuvenated my heart and soul.

Until Next Time on Kelsey’s Chronicles.

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