Mama To Mama.

This is is to my tired mamas, my mamas who have tried every food in the pantry today and your child has said no to every single one, for my mamas who don’t think they can make it another night of no sleep, to the mamas who are desperate for that nap your little one has been fighting lately, to the mamas who feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, to the mamas who crave just a moment alone to breathe, to the mamas who love their children more than anything in this world, but are understandably struggling because motherhood is not for the faint of heart.

I am with you. I am you.

It is ok to have a meltdown, it’s ok to lose your patience now and then. It’s ok to want a break. It is ok to have the bed unmade, to-do list left unchecked and dishes in the sink. It’s ok to not be perfect. It’s ok to do what you need to do for yourself and your babies, even if that looks nothing like the mamas you see on IG.

The truth is. No one is perfect, no one has it all figured out. There is no rule book. No how-to be the perfect mother. Every child is unique and different, all with their own needs.

Here’s another truth for you. You were hand-picked to be your childs’ mama. God looked at you and he said “her” that’s the one. You are perfectly imperfect and exactly what your sweet baby needs.

Think of your worst day as a mama. A day where you completely lost it. Where you didn’t think you could make it through. A day where you felt defeated…

Well if you are reading this, that tells me you made it through. You have made it through every single hard day placed in front of you so far and you will make it through many, many more and you will make it through stronger, wiser, tougher.

So I say again, it is ok to have a bad day, it is ok to feel down, it is ok to be tired, it is ok to struggle…just don’t stay there, ok?

Get back up, dust off the stress, splash some water on your face, look in the mirror at the strong, beautiful mama staring back at you and know that you are perfectly made and chosen for those sweet children that are blessed to call you their mama.

You were made for this.

Until Next Time on Kelsey’s Chronicles

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