Appreciate The Struggle.

I can experience true joy because I know what it feels like to experience deep sadness. I’ve been successful because of the many failures that have taught me so much. I know true love because of learning how to love myself.

Struggling is unbelievably necessary for growth, for becoming who you want to be, for overcoming obstacles you didn’t even know you were dealing with at the time.

I look back on so many times when I felt lost, defeated, scared and hurt and all I feel now is thankful.

Everything happens for a reason.
Everything happens for a reason.

It took me so long to believe that. God knows your heart, he knows everything in your past and everything that lies before you. God has a plan, you just have to trust and believe in it.

I am who I am today because of all those trials and tribulations, I am who I am becoming because I continue to trust His plan for me.

Storms don’t last forever.
Wounds heal.
Lessons are learned.
Life goes on…

Instead of waiting…LIVE. Think of how many moments, days, weeks we spend waiting on our lives to change…waiting for things to get better for heartache to heal, for something good to happen…

Appreciate your struggle for what it is. Recognize that it is just a small chapter in the big beautiful book God has written for your life. Learn, grow, evolve from that hardship…and keep LIVING.

Don’t get so sucked in that you wake up years from now wishing you had made a change, wishing you had just WOKEN UP…

The time is now. You’re here, you’re alive, and you have a purpose. You may not realize it now, but you will, oh you will and it will be beautiful.

Lots of love to you, in whatever struggle you are facing, you got this. Always.

Until Next Time On Kelsey’s Chronicles.

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