When did we stop dreaming?

Somewhere along the way…many of us stop dreaming. We stop wanting more for our lives and we settle because “it is what it is.” We stop following our hearts or we don’t even start the calling that God has placed in our lives. We tell our inner child that is dying to fulfill their dreams or take that first step in faith…“maybe next year, maybe when I have more money or time, maybe when the kids are older, maybe when things change…” And before we know it, so much time has passed that we don’t even remember what our dream was to begin with…

I don’t think it is wrong to want to love what you are doing with your time. Often times I have felt guilty for wanting more. Wanting to truly connect with my work, to wake up and love what I do. To be excited for the 24 hours in front of me. 

Society tells me that doesn’t exist and for many, well, it doesn’t. I  know very few people who actually love what they do for work. Of course every job has its ups and downs, but I mean truly loving it at its’ core. 

I don’t believe in being unhappy day in and day out, just for a paycheck, for stability, for health insurance. I don’t believe that you have to be miserable to survive. Call that the millennial mindset if you’d like, but I truly believe you can find a way to LOVE what you do and make a living.

Why is that such a taboo concept?

For some it doesn’t really matter whether you enjoy what you do, you can emotionally disconnect, put your head down, get the work done and when the clock strikes 5, work brain is off and I think that is awesome!

Unfortunately, I am not built that way. 

I get so emotionally invested in the things I spend my time doing that when work shuts off, my mind doesn’t. 

I don’t want to look back on my life and wish I had followed my heart, spent my time giving, enjoying the life God has so graciously given me and using the gifts He has placed inside me.

Success in my eyes, isn’t determined by how much money I have or the job title I carry, success is happiness, it’s joy, it’s loving others and spreading light. And at this point in my life; having less than I ever have, I feel the most successful I have ever been.

God has been working on my roots, tearing things down so I can be built back up, strong and fruitful. 

Let’s bring dreaming back in 2021, chasing our passions, our calling, full steam ahead. 

Remember this; if God has placed it on your heart, you can trust that he has and he will fully equip you with everything you need to fulfill it.

Until Next Time on Kelsey’s Chronicles.

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